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    An eTeach® lesson is the chapter of the future. Author content, assignments and assessments with our special tools to create multimedia chapters that engage students of all learning styles. Combine and edit lessons to create entire courses.

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    Need a lesson that teaches to a specific thread in the Common Core? A leadership skills program for managers? Browse our lesson library and license content to use in your courses. You can even edit lessons you license to customize your students’ experience.

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    Market your courses and lessons in the eTeach® store and earn extra income. Learners are automatically enrolled in your courses upon purchase. Not a teacher? Sell lessons as an ePublisher to teachers and trainers to use in their courses.

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    Use the eTeach® platform to deliver interactive courses your way. We have all the tools in your favorite LMS and more! Progress tracking and reporting keep you organized. On-page discussion feeds and assignment specific feedback tools keep students engaged.

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